Aeroponleaf Canada’s New Partnership

January 21, 2020

Aeroponleaf Canada entered into a joint venture agreement with Hempergy Corporation, a Waterloo-based hemp technology company, in November 2019, with Health Canada approving the partnership shortly after.   With Aeroponleaf Canada now recognized on Hempergy Corporation’s industrial Hemp Licence, it can now contract farmers directly to both grow hemp plants and sell industrial hemp.  

Aeroponleaf Canada is in the final stages of its Licensed Producer application for cannabis cultivation and processing, and once obtained it will be able to handle all stages of hemp and cannabis from cultivation to retail.


Aeroponleaf Canada Participates in “New Heights Cannabis Tourism Summit 2019

(Toronto, Ontario, October 29th, 2019) AeroponLeaf Canada CEO Mr. William Sharpe and his senior management team attended and participated in the New Heights Cannabis Tourism Summit 2019 held at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario Canada this past Monday. The one day leadership conference for companies and organizations interested in the nascent tourism industry that is developing around cannabis production served to highlight initiatives being developed by leading proponents of the concept. 

With AeroponLeaf Canada being at the forefront of the concept with plans to seamlessly integrate tourism facilities into their production plant just north of Bancroft, Ontario, Mr. Sharpe was amongst the panelists presenting at the Summit, and was also interviewed by CTV news. 

Mr. Sharpe talked about AeroponLeaf ‘s projects including the integrated cannabis cultivation, processing and tourism destination project currently under development. He also talked about AeroponLeaf’s innovative new Aeroponic irrigation system, that will be implemented in the facility. A further advance on the idea of hydroponics, aeroponics dismisses with the growing medium altogether, letting plant roots dangle freely in the air while they are nourished by nutrient-laden mists. The approach promises to dramatically bring down costs of cultivation to approximately $0.37 CAD per gram comparing to traditional growing methods with soil or other mediums.

About AeroPonLeaf Canada

AeroPonLeaf Canada was setup in December 2017.  Its aim is to build an Adult Destination Facility, integrated with Cannabis cultivation, processing and packaging, as well as Cannabis Research & Development. The property consists of 160 acres, located just north of the town of Bancroft in Hastings Highlands, a 40-minute drive from Algonquin National Park.

About New Heights Cannabis Tourism Summit

The New Heights Cannabis Tourism Summit, sponsored by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) is a one day event held at the Blue Mountain Village Conference Centre in Collingwood Ontario.  The Summit is designed to inform industry participants about new developments in Canada’s emerging cannabis industry, including creating a cannabis tourism product, how to market it, legal & complianceconsiderations, social media, public relations and more. 

AeroponLeaf Canada CEO William R.Sharpe amongst panelist presented in the summit
AeroponLeaf Canada CEO William R. Sharpe was interviewed by CTV
AeroponLeaf Holdings CEO Lisa Wu and AeroponLeaf Canada CEO William R. Sharpe


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